Audioslave's guitarist Tom Morello had a few things to say on his legato, phasing Revolations guitar solo that only one tab as attempted to indicate. With this great song and it's pottential, it's hard to play without the ever soo wonderous guitar solo. I had the opportunity to notice the "Revelations" guitar tab book had just been released. I immediately ordered it but I'm sure most of you don't want to spend $20 on a guitar book when you only want that song. So I thought I'de direct the "INTERESTED" to a site where you can get each song individually by itself. And, of course, it will cost $4.95, but that shouldn't matter if you like the song enough. Anyway, I know I can't just post a link under a thread, so I thought I would start a debate on Morello's greatest guitar solo. I happen to like 'Doesn't Remind Me' and 'Shape Of Things To Come' and 'Revelations' the best. But I just speak for myself, what do you gentlemen think?

even though Im sure this wasnt a real first person advert, link removed anyway.
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good solo, but the one and the same is better. is that played in the same way (the bit that isnt shredding/fast)? also mate, it's REVELATIONS. just FYI.
thanks buddah. And no, I'm pretty sure he's using his wammy in one and the same. He flickers his rythem/tremolo switch and uses a phaser in revelations
I was pretty sure I posted in this thread but you should probably remove the link as it is advertising.

Also, there is a Tom Morello thread around, you should post in that.
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