Lately I've been having a little problem with my AC30, with humming and buzzing and/or electrical interference and what not, still trying to isolate the problem actually...in any case yesterday, while playing straight through the amp without effects to see whether or not I have an amp problem or an effect problem, I mistakenly plugged my guitar into the FX loop return...DOH!! I was wondering why my volumes were a little wanting and I couldn't get any overdrive from my top boost and normal channels - I even recorded my parts for a song while in the FX Loop, grrrrr, I was in there for about 4 hours. After I realized my mistake, I plugged back in to the correct cable and it seems to be all right now. My question is did I damage anything or cause some problems by doing this? Anything I have to look out for? Thanks guys!

On a side note, I didn't get any buzzing while plugged directly into my amp, which was good! now I gotta figure out whether its an effect thats causing the buzzing, maybe even a jacked up power strip, or the cruddy radio/cd player thats plugged into the strip.