I just got an EMG-81 and 85, and I've begun setting them up. I've been having some problems with the 81 fitting into the bevel. They're slightly small, and I don't want to do anything until I know what works. Is it ok to file down the edge a little bit?
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I have an Ibanez DTX Destroyer. I'd file down the inner edges of the bevels, but I can't undo that, so I want to be sure.
I take it that guitar doesn't have a pick guard, or other wise you would care. (???) But, filing down the edges in a pu cavity is harder than you think it is. It's difficult to get an even level while your filing at an up and down angle. Keep working with it until you know that is your last option.

There has to be another way around that though. Look up a picture of the same Ibanez you have, with the same EMG's in it. If there looks like there was a mod made, go ahead... if not, there has to be another way around it.

good luck with it.
Bevels? Bevels are on the very sides of the top of the body.
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Sorry, I meant bezels. Anyway, it doesn't have a pickguard, but I can't get new bezels, so I think that it's the only way to go. It'll only be a tiny bit to make it able to get through. Could it really end up ruining anything?