I see UG as sort of a charity to people who play guitar, or are just interested in music. So my question is this, if people seem to have such a vendetta against the website, why do they feel horribly compelled to spam how much it sucks? It really doesn't accomplish anything. People take time out of their own day to keep the website functional, and its not like we're paying anything for it. If others figure the site is terrible, or a waste of time, or full of idiots, who knows, they could be right. Their opinion, right? (Forgive the obscene amount of commas, i have a problem )

But what baffles me is how people figure that they can control others with internet intimidation. UG will not get shut down because of a couple of radicals, nor will it even acknowledge their existance, so whats the point? Its a website dedicated to musicians, with these threads just in case someone needs to talk... Where's the damage in that? Don't blame the website, blame the people who are too immature to appreciate it... Just my thoughts - discuss?
Yeah I agree, but why complain.
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Ah, the forum is, but not the massive database of illegal-in-america tabs you're right though, if you swap the word website for forum.
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I come home and go on UG its not just for tabs its for stories guitar talk,reviews and news its great, people can have their on opinion they should just keep it to themselves
I love UG so much that I even tell people to join, even if they don't play an instrument.