Yeah, so I had my guitar plugged into my boss ds-1 dist. pedal (dist on) and into my marshall amp and when i stood a certain way i heard some weird noise and realized it was a local AM radio statio, so i then turned the amp up louder to verify and sure enough, comes in pretty loud and clear . Is that weird or what? Anyone else ever had this happen? Never had that happen before, maybe it had something to do with the weather (it's really windy, clear skies, warm), i dunno, lol. Just thought I'd share that, those strat pickups sure are versatile
actually, i just realized my cable going from my guitar to the pedal has something to do with it too. it's sort of broken on one end (the cable rotates within the plug shroud thing, its not supposed to). if i fiddle with that the station comes in strong or barely at all.
yeah i used to get that with my mg15 all the time, if you use a broken cable and plug it into the input on the amp, wiggling it around in the amp a bit you'll get different stations. it was fun to show my friends :P
Reminds me of Spinal Tap where Nigel Tufnel worked it into a solo.
At my local guitar shop you can put a cable into any amp put your finger on the end of the cable and pick up our local rock station as clear as day.
i think it happens sometimes if ur amp isnt insulated enough,
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hahha thats a wierd one.. never heard of it before... thats cool!!!!! haha u can listen to the radio through your guitar!!
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haha I had a little running joke with my gf that I talk to my guitar and sometimes it talks back. one time i made it do that in front of her quickly and i told her it was talking back
It'll either be your guitar or your amp.
Test your guitar out on another amp, if it still does it, it'll be your pickups.
Or Try another guitar on your amp, if it still happens, its the amp.

Read up about shielding your wires.
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Buy another cable or burn down the radio station
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Never my guitar, but my Playstation 2 does it for some reason...
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Actually sounds kick-ass to me
Some wicked solo with AM-effects through it
I read about this happening in a "weird noises with your guitar" thread, so yeah, it happens.

Like Logz said, look into shielding.
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Thats got to be the coolest thing i've ever heard a guitar setup do. PM me your setup lol.
lol, yeah i'm pretty sure all you need is a broken cable (maybe low end single coil pickups too?). i have a fender strat (mex.), boss ds-1 dist. pedal and marshall mg15dfx amp. and a sort-of-broken but not really mogami cable. that's it.

but anyways, it's hard to make it do that, it kind of just happened the other day when i tugged on it. im planning on buying a new cable anyways. that one doesn't seem too well designed.