Hi guys, i've just joined this forum and wondered if anyone could give me a little bit of advice.

I was thinking of buying a Les Paul, but I cant decide between a classic or standard. I play quite a few styles of music including Metal, Rock/Classic Rock, Blues and basically anything that sounds awesome. Could anyone tell me what is the difference between the two models, good/bad things and maybe are there any disadvantages to the slim 60's taper neck.

Thanks in advance.
is the classic the one with the ceramic pups?

if so go for that i say
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well, if you have the money to afford one, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar. certainly high quality, though i don't personally think it warrants costing $2000 or more. personally, i'd go with the standard, it has better pickups, more color choices, better color choices, and it seems more versatile. and since i tend to play faster styles of music, i'd go with the 60s thin neck. the 50s round one i imagine is more like an acoustic, with the huge neck made mostly for easy chording. the 60s neck would probably fit your style better. i dont know a whole lot about gibsons, but i hope this helps.
The major difference between the classic and the std. is the pick ups and the the top. The classic has a plain maple where the std has flame.

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i was in the same situation, i had the money for either one but i ended up going with the les paul classic, just because the ones at the stores sounded better and played nicer (this is only to my standards). So i went cheaper and i felt i got the best deal cause the standards couldnt really touch them. I did end up swaping the pick ups in mine, i grew tired of the exposed pickup look and the sound was a little iffy. I got some handwound pickups (Jm rolph pups). It sounds incredible, and its a great guitar, hope that helped.
Also a note, the classics come with a 60s thin neck... so it feels great, you can check out mine at www.myspace.com/richiedallaire
the classic is a great guitar. i bought one a few months ago and its the best guitar ive played.and the neck is also great (slim 60's)
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I have a '91 standard, and I'm very satisfied with it. Didn't try the classic, but this guitar is just plainly amazing.
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I thought the Classics looked nicer (except for lack of pup covers) but the Standard sounded a lot better. And then there's the neck thickness.

Play them both again and again, I was in your EXACT situation a while ago, didn't end up buying one though, they probably wouldn't have justified the price.
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They're both nice... I'd go for the Classic possibly, but to be honest... albeit they're good quality, the price is somewhat more then it justifies.
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