thought i'd post my band's covers of 99 red balloons + smooth criminal to see what you all think.

apparently 99 red balloons is the better of the 2, so its probably best to listen to that first

just don't take us too seriously and you should enjoy it, lol. we are just having a laugh after all!

we will be grateful for all feedback! crit 4 crit



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cheers, baldy x
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real cool. the vocals are not good, and i know that you do not care about that so thats just fine. It's great fun to listen to it.
What kind of drums are you using?
Smooth Criminal does rock, turn up the solo guitar, and loved the trumpet, and the vocals... sounds like muppets, lol but it's all good. when you said it was just for fun I didn't expect much, but it sounds great, minus kermit the frog

lol 99 Red Balloons, dude the beginning fits so well, sounds like your in a bar with a bunch
of drunk people singing along, once again instrumentation is excellent, and sounds like you guys had a blast, some parts with vocals weren't bad, definately reminded me of some local punk bands... good times

crit for crit... (hey since I critted both of them will you crit 2 songs???)
eh you don't have to, but if you wouldn't mind

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do u have a trumpet player doing those fills or keyboard, sounds very acoustic... i like smooth criminal so far, i wanna download it now by AAF, HAHA, sound like the muppets, i was surprised the pitch wasn't bad especially in the chorus... i cant help but laugh at 99 red balloons, squeaky voice but the playing is great, great tone n what not i love these songs!!
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ok; if you aint gonna take it seriously you shouldnt do it

If you cant have fun doing it you shouldnt do it.

i gotta say, Smooth criminal was pretty good, the trumpet was a nice touch, vocals off a bit.

99 red ballons, love this song, the original one that is.

your cover is great musically, the vocals were pretty bad at some points haha, but i have to admit, they made me laugh a bit.
Quote by FeatherBreeze

ok; if you aint gonna take it seriously you shouldnt do it

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If you cant have fun doing it you shouldnt do it.

yeh cheers for that, that's the point; we enjoy making the music. iv spent so much time doing serious covers and tryin to get everything 100% right, that it jus gets tedious. so i found that jus recording sumthing with a load of mates after a couple of drinks makes it much more fun, and gives a far more enjoyable listen!!

Instrumentally they sounded pretty good. Vocals.. well they were amusing to me. I enjoyed them make more covers!!
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