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My hardest thing for me really is pretty much remembering everything
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I can play kick ass solos, but my rhythm playing sucks
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Not playing sloppily.
Trying to play solos.
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I'd say that actually playing isn't 'hard', but the initial learning of something.

If you're looking at a filthy great riff (From a solo or even for a bridge or something) then I find it really hard to remember everything that goes into it.
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synching up both hands at like 220 bpm, playing swept arpeggios

besides that, picking what guitar I'm getting next
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finding time to practice... imi have my own band, in the local orcestra, lessons, and trying to get a project going with a real good friend of mine.. that plus a job and school leaves me no time to actually work on my intruments! so yeah, finding tiem for practice is the hardest thing for me
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tryin' not to play for more then 1 day.

No seriously: fast playing or remembering things can be hard, but learned. But not playing is the hardest part.

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Upwards sweeping. And playing cleanly. And keeping my bands in key.
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Tapping ive always found hard to get even a bit right, i mean some people can get it slightly right, but ive never been able to make it loud enough and also i dont even really know what even to do completely.
if your legato is solid, its all about finding a method where you tap hard enough to sound the note, then pull off.

now, you could pull off the tapped finger in a downward motion, or an upward motion. Really depends on who you ask.

If you can legato with a pick (like hammer-ons from nowhere) you are aware how to do it properly, but you just have to teach your other hand to do it
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Putting my guitar down at a reasonable time but seriously i need to work on my sweeps
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weird chord shapes and remebering stuff
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well, you could always tune it differently and change the chords around so it makes more sense to you...

it would be harder to fret chords, but might make it easier to solo
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When I started to sweep picking it seemed like it was the hardest thing to learn ever. Now it's gotten better but I could improve it way more.
for me, once i got that sweep motion with my picking hand down, the rest was really easy

at that point, its just a matter of synching the two up
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For Me I got the pick hand motion but I kept skipping strings when I moved my fingers with my left. Now its better, I just need to make it perfect.
Playing fast rhythm. I can pick up a guitar and play lead fine, but then I start trying to play fast stuff like "Angel of Death" or "Fight Fire With Fire", and I just couldn't do it like I used to do it. I need to practice more, but I CURRENTLY HAVE NO GUITAR TO PLAY.
I always drop my pick when I'm playing standing up lol. Also reading music. I'm doing classical grades now but my music reading sucks.
Not being able to play at the level of those I admire.
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Learning theory sometimes...and learning reallllly fast solos like marty friedman where you start playing them so slow that they sound nothing like the solos so you eventually just give up... lol or i do anyway
sweeping and till now .....also arpegios......and the fast down down picking instead of alternate picking
Hmm probably keeping my playing nice and clean, i'm not that sloppy but when things get fast, well i'd rather I was abit less sloppy.
tremelo, im left handed but i play guitar right handed, so its difficult
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Learning a fast solo for the first time. For example, Sweet child o' mine solo, the fast part, I can play it close to the right speed but not close enough for me to be satisfied. Also sweep picking (just started) and reading tapping tabs.
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lately ive been trying to perfect my up down strokes and now it seems my picking goes beyond me playing out the notes with my left hand on the fretboard, an old song i had is pretty fast and i started with down strokes but now that im doing up downs on everything i play i go to fast, and my picking isnt sloppy just its out beating the the actual notes needed to be heard.....rhythm is easy for me since thats how i started, i think its easier to learn rhythm first before your scales for solos, tho yes it would put you behind on your music but atleast you'll have a base to work up on you solos, to know both ends of song.
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