my B and G strings seem to vibrate against the 4th fret so i get a horrible buzzing sound wen i play clean. any ideas how to stop this?
well the saddles might be fine. but really, if u have a high fret, u still might need to raise a couple of the strings.
two pegs on the face of each saddle, can be adjusted with a tiny allen wrench.

raise the buzzing strings a bit. and if that doesnt help then repost.

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its a Stagg s302, i think the saddles are fine and the necks not bowed or anythin.

if there is buzzing than there is something out of adjustment. even if this guitar is brand new, they can come from the factory needing adjustments right out of the box.

you can check the neck for bowing with a normal straight edge. Like JJ said, raise the saddle screws and it should alleviate the problem.