Ummmm i was wondering if there is any strat body modifications you need to do to put in a floyd rose. i really want to put one in but im unsure of the whole thing.
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:S Yeah I think it is rather dodgy tbh. Leave it to a trained professional and be ready to fork out a lot of cash.
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the nut would have to be replaced with the locking one, which is bigger, so you'd have to hack out some wood to fit that too
how much do you think these mods would cost?
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like 300-500 probobly
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i've had my eye on the mesa boogie line, my price range is under $600.

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maybe you could buy a picture of one for 600, and just pretend for awhile...

Funny,I saw a squier strat with FR in a nearby shop recently
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It'd be much more economical to just buy a Strat with a stock Floyd, especially if you went used on Ebay. I've seen some nice American-made, Floyd-equipped Fat-Strats there for $400-$700.
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