Hey guys. Listen, I'm wondering if you guys know of any free movie editing programs where I can add in like special effects and change the actual picture. So far I've been using Windows Movie Maker, and it's alright as for adding audio but it doesn't really have the flexibility I'm looking for in terms of video effects.

Also, I'm entering a movie making contest at my school with my friends. The maximum length is 10 minutes, and it has to be about the effect of media and communications on today's youth. It has to have some sort of moral to the story.

So far I've come up with a vague idea, somehting about having an opening scene with a classroom, and you see one kid is falling asleep. Then we zoom in to his dream where he's like killing zombies or some sort of obviously TV influenced dream. Then the teacher wakes him up and yells at him for sleeping in class and why he was sleeping (due to watching a movie late at night) etc. That's what I have so far, but I was wondering if you guys have any cool ideas.

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The new ULead program is fairly decent, or Adobe Premier
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Adobe premier is good, Final Cut Pro is even better.........if you can afford it.
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