sooo... do i spend £70 on a dunlop crybaby wah


£90 on a zoom G2.1u?, will the wah feature be any good, if yes, wow, as i'll get a drum machine and some more effects too


£50 on a zoom G1x? is this any worse than a G2?


£26 on a behringer hellbabe wah? will it be a piece of shite?


£? on a (possibly digitech) other multi effects unit (please suggest), i'd have researched them myself but zoom.co.jp is the only non-blocked site at my school relating to this

p.s. i already have a pretty complete effects rig, so i only really need the wah feature,


does anyone want to reccoment a footswitch for my zoom fire-18 amp?

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
If you only want a wah; only buy a wah. The cheapest Cry Baby is trash; look into the more expensive ones, or Vox's.
but theyre soooo expensive and i'm soooo skint
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
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but theyre soooo expensive and i'm soooo skint

Tough shit. Save up.
None, you buy a good wah.

Vox? Vox... Vox.
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Tough shit. Save up.

hahahaha best bit of advice ever

Yeah the vox ones are meant to be really versatile and really nice. Although you can mod the cheapest crybaby to the Jimi Hendrix one with simply one change on the circuit board
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