Ok, I hope I have this in the right forum.

I work at a giant faceless corporate giant up here in Canada. We are raising money for a local charity, and were looking ideas on what to do. Myself and some of the more musically inclined peoples at the business suggested an outdoor sort of rock concert idea. The idea is GREAT. People really seemed stoked to not only fundraise, but also volunteer, sell tickets, etc.

We even have about 7 local bands volunteering their time to play as a charity gig, no charge. My band is playing as well, our first gig ever. Stoked. We have a local music instrument company on board to provide us with rental equipment at a cut rate, providing we splatter their logo all over the place. It's a cool deal.

Now. I need the help from some more experienced giggers. I need to get some idea as to what sort of gear we'd need to provide an adequate/good quality sound for this sort of show. A lot of the bands aren't really all that experienced, but this some free exposure for us, a local radio station and tv station said they'd provide coverage. We don't need fancy, just effective.

If you have any ideas as far as amp wattages, speaker power, lighting, specific gear to recommend, that would be REALLY awesome. Definately would appreciate any sort of tips, tricks, suggestions, experiences.

Here's a few things we KNOW for sure about the concert, which is set to happen June 23rd, a few months away:

- Venue is outdoors (a rooftop parking lot, a lot of cement)
- About 200-300 people HOPED in attendance, conservative I'd reckon around 150. I figure more power is better than less, but what's your take?
- There is an interesting mix of genres. Pop/Rock, Punk, Harder Rock, Blues and even a couple Jazz bands

That's all I can think of at the moment. Please help the fundraiser show go well, and help make my band's (and a few others' new to gigging!) COME TRUE!!

Could you tell us what genre of music YOUR band plays ? If i know that i could provide some info and shit.
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anyways, really honestly, i figure if you have a good loud PA the volume of your actual equipment doesn't matter that much as long as the quality is decent and as a band you sound decent (i'd rather hear an excellent guitarist on a crappy guitar than a crappy guitarist on an excellent guitar) volume requirements really depend on how much airspace you're trying to push in how many directions and how far. i recommend googling this to get a more precise answer.
Ok thanks.

My band, sort of hard rock, Gn'R inspired Appetite Era lyrics... (i know, take a number and get in line).

Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming!