I know I've been flooding this damn forum with threads, but this time I have a serious and urgent problem on my hands.
I've recorded my first album, which is full of Mario and Zelda covers. I'm painfully new to gaining copyright permissions or whatever, so my natural first choice was to check Nintendo.com to see what their copyright policy was. Well, to my surprise, here's what they made quite clear in it:

Nintendo does not grant permission to individuals to use any content from this website. Because we receive thousands of such requests, our policy is to decline use of our trademarks and copyrights.

... Does this truly mean that I can't cover any content that comes from Nintendo games and sell it on a CD? Because this doesn't make much sense to me. How do the NESkimos, Minibosses, The Advantage, 8-Bit Weapon, etc. all get by with it? Is there some other sort of permission that I in fact can obtain, and if so, how? I'm completely lost!
I think the reason that they bands get to use them is because it says:

"Nintendo does not grant permission to individuals"

Which might mean that they bands get it due to their record labels. What you could do is find out your local Nintendo office and phone them and ask them to go further into what they mean you may get more information that way.

Good luck though dude.
Hm...thats a pickle...you could always just put your album up and have different names for the songs. Whos gonna check?
If I were you I'd ask someone with talent to do some graphics for you.
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If you pay them a percentage of the profits off their songs, they may not complain.

Or you can get a record label on your side.

Or write your own songs.
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If I were you I'd ask someone with talent to do some graphics for you.

Yeah, that seems like the easiest way out of it. And altering the song names. My initial plan was to get original graphics anyway, actually. Thanks a bunch, this has been immensely haunting me for some time now.