Hey guys just thought I'd repost this song up with a correct thread title. I wrote it a while back, November I think, while I was away with my band and some close friends. The time I wrote it was around the anniversary of a friend's passing. The place I wrote it was amazing, the views and tranquility were awesome. Let us know what you think Thanks guys:

Your Song

As the wind blows,
It whispers your name
As if it is setting you free.
This driving rain
May drive you insane
But there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

Looking out over the city
You cast your gaze,
Onto everyone you see.
The rain turns into a haze,
As these people go about their ways,
But it all leaves you feeling empty

So as they all go along
Trying to right their wrongs,
You know it’s for you,
It’s your song, your song
Trying to help them as their faces grow long
All this is for you,
It’s your song, your song.

Looking out into the night
Could make you go blind,
Buildings and stars shining so bright.
And you hope they can find
In their absent minds,
A place where they can see this sight.

The people are shouting below you,
And you find their words full of appeal,
Could what they are saying ever be true?
It’s like an Achilles heel,
It’s so surreal,
Because suddenly it means something to you.

Now they’re going along
Helping to right your wrongs,
Their words ring so true,
It’s your song, your song
Trying to find somewhere that they belong,
All this is for you,
It’s your song, your song.
Cheers on the repost. We really appreciate it

If I have some time a little later I'll crit this. At work now, lol.
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I really liked your wording and terminology. In the flow aspect, I was somewhat confused about how you play it with music, but its still a great piece.
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i like your songtext a lot and i'm also thinking about the music for this text. do you already have one? what kind of music is it? i'm really intrested in it.