Hi. my band A Lesser Evil just finished our debut EP entitled Quit Work Make Music. We have two songs from it up on our Myspace.... http://www.myspace.com/alesserevil
Please take a listen to the songs, Maybe you'll like them....

The actual EP will be for sale within the month, we have to send it out to get pressed.

please post any comments as they are all welcome!

and if you would like i will gladly check some of your stuff out as well!

-matt of ALE
The recording is really muffled, needs sharpened up, use better mics on the drums and perhaps Direct Inject the guitars.

I find the singing a tad whiney - more screamo at times than punk, personal preference perhaps but I've heard it all before.

And just as a side note, fix the EP artwork, its disfigured.

Keep the day job
thanks for the feedback! Our next recordings will be better but we were really on a budget...im happy with the quality for what we had to record with.

i think Myspace disfigured the art haha
Idiosyncrasy has a cool intro. I think the presence of the guitar is really weak. It would have worked better mostly right, and louder by a fair way. The screamy bits sound weak also, but that could have been down only to the mic or singer.

3 Years has a better mix I think. The rhythym change is quite good, and the vocals are much stronger here. The lead vox could be up a tad. Solo is alright, nothing special. I can definitely hear you played the solo twice.

Overall you are quite good for what you're doing, really. I was surprised when I heard the music, in comparison to what genre you say you are. Just work to keeping in time a bit better (I can hear you used a click, because it was just little bits dropping out, not everybody speeding up/slowing down). Good job, you'll get the sound down when you do more recording.

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