Hey guys. I'm new to tremolos and I have heard that the Floyd Rose Tremolo is very decent. What makes this one special and better than the others? Whats the price? Where can I find it? Is it better for someone like me to install it or should I get someone else to? Thanks for your help.
A Floyd Rose has awesome travel (ie. goes up and down in pitch by alot), but you really need a locking nut (or locking tuners) to get the most out of it.

Some say that Floyd Roses return to zero better, but I prefer Kahler tremolos because they're less maintenance-heavy.

You can install it yourself if your guitar is routed for at least a classic bridge. If it's a hardtail, then I would recommend either getting a luthier to install it for you, or getting another guitar.
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Floyd Rose makes them, and you can get them at guitar stores.

Prices vary depending on the model, but I really recommend you get a guitar with a floating bridge.

Look at some RG models with Edge Pro bridges.
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