Hi everyone, here is a cover of 'The hellion/Electric eye' by Judas Priest. A truly excellent song. Tricky solo though

Link below:


Just scroll down a bit and you will see the music player, and its in there.

Thanks very much in advance. If there's anything you would like me to crit of yours, please tell me and I will do so.

Work on the fast bits of the solo some more, as they sound a bit sloppy, almost there though, tone is pretty good though, I'm guessing thats a backing track in there because of the fake drums. anyways that was pretty good, I enjoyed it

crit for crit
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Whoa, incredible. ^Yes, the solo parts were a bit sloppy, but those aren't easy solos to pull off, and you did a pretty sweet job with them. Far better than I could've done it. Awesome song, and an awesome cover. 9/10.

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Hmm, there a a few rough spots, but overall I'm pretty impressived with this recording.
I would say 7.5 out of ten. I dock a few points because their are the rough sloppy bits, but Hey, I'm not saying i could do better.

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Thank you all very much for the feedback so far, I will go and look at ur songs very soon!