ok so i think this might be a problem in the pick ups.

i have an Ibanez SRX with stock pick ups.

the A, D, and G strings sound normal throuh an amp but the E string is WAY louder than the rest.

another thing. my strings buzz like crazy. should i do anything to the bridge or just replace the strings?

thank you.
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For the fretbuzz raise your action, for the louder E, i have no idea.
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the g strings on some musicman sting rays (and my sub 4) tend to be quieter then the rest of the strings. When its a smaller string, you can use bigger gauge strings and just downtune it. Maybe you could try that or use a smaller gauge and tune it up to the E? I just strum/slap/finger that string a lot harder compared to when i play the others
Yeah i think the pickups are probably raised under the E string, maybe to make it stand out more i dunno, but usually there are adjustment screws at the side of each pickup where you can adjust the height so maybe try that, or if you dont feel comfortable doing it yourself, get someone more experienced to do it
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