My band is starting to fall apart. We have a practice schedule, but everytime practice rolls around, my drummer has an excuse to not practice. Yesterday his excuse was that he was playing Gears of War. Is there any way to motivate him? Or do we have to find a new drummer (that would be very difficult, so please try to avoid that).
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You have to lay down the law. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Give him another chance or two, but after that is peace out.
ultimatum dude. talk with the rest of the band first and see what their opinion is. if you are all agreed on it then you need to have everyone sit down for a "pow wow" and talk it out. if he doesnt understand then you need to find a new drummer
If he doesn't come around, kick him out. "I'm playing gears of war" is a terrible excuse. It's like saying "Sorry. I didn't come to work today because I was masturbating. Sorry."

You'd be fired.

If he doesn't take it seriously, you can always get a machine to do it for him.
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If you are a young band, there could be some other issues. I remember when I was around 15 or 16 I had the conception that every musician wanted to be professional. What changed this theory for me was when I was trying to get some guys I knew to practice a few times a week and they said it was boring and they just wanted to fool around for fun. Find out what his goals are before you try to presure him before giving him an ultimatum. Also, if he gives you a reply such as "I don't care" or "I want to see what happens" then the ball is in YOUR court.
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Give him an ultimatum, if he wants to be in this band then he will stop playign gears of war and turn up for band practice

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thats the worst excuse i ever heard.....actually its not. but i say talk to him about it.

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Simple. Like everyone else has said, tell him to come to practise or get out. Having a drummer that won't come to practise is just as bad as having none.
You have to be tough with him. If you have a show coming up, remind him how close it is and how much you need to practice. If not, say you have another drummer in mind (even if you don't), and you'd really like to keep him in the band, but if he keeps blowing you off you're going to have to replace him.