hello everybody. So i've got i line 6 spider III 75w and the FBV shortboard with it and it equals about 720$ canadian. So i walked into the shop i got it from and they said i might be able to trade it in. I saw a flextone in their for around 750 and im thinking about getting that one. If anyone cud tell me wether there is a difference between the 2 or if they are practicaly the same plz let me kno. Ther was also a couple of fenders (solid staTES) Vox valvetronix 850$ ouch, and two peavey tubes,(classic 30 and delta blues). I''d also like to kno if the flextone stays alrite at loud volumes. If it helps i play mostly blink 182 type music.

The flextone is a much better amp then the spider. Do it.
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You should definitely go for the flextone, but keep your FBV pedalboard, you're just going to have to buy another one anyway. Save up the difference and buy the flextone.

Flextones have more models to choose from and more FX possibilites. Well worth it IMHO!!

I've got a flextone II xl and it still rocks. The only thing that rocks more is my PODxt Live. I really love the new stuff Line6 is putting out. I just need to get a decent power amp now.
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get rid of the crappy spider and do it lol
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i've tried the flextone, and I was very close to buying it but got a second hand JCM900 instead. Definatly do the trade though, the flextone III is much much much better. And with the FBV shortboard, endlessly better.
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thanks guys...i wish i could keep the shortboard to but i dont have enough money right now...anyways we'll see wat happens

you said you play blink? in that case you do not need an amp as versitile as the flextone you would be better of with a simple amp that has a great sound instead of a complicated amp with a dodgy sound, look in to a vox ac 15 cc
cant...they've only got some valvetronix's in the shop i got this from. one wasnt loud enough to go over a drummer and the other was way overpriced.