My amp is an Ampeg SS-70. the guitar input jack is broken, and needs to be replaced. I like tinkering with things, and want to learn about amps, so I'm thinking about attempting it myself. i opened it up yesterday, and looked at it first. I was pleased that I had good access to everything, and it would be easy to work around if need be.

The situation is that there is a small 2 inch x 2 inch circut board that 2 input jacks are attached to. From the circut board, 2 wires come out of that and flow into the guts of the amplifier. One input jack works perfectly, and the other doesn't. Therefore, I believe the wiring is fine (since I get a good signal with one of the jacks, but not with the other). This small circut board is free floating, so i have very easy access to both the top and bottom of the circut board.


1. The bad input jack appears to be soldered onto that small circut board. Is this normal? Do I loosen it by applying a hot soldering needle to the contact points, to "soften" the contact points, then pull it off?

2. Once i get the old jack out of the circut board, I just need to put a new one in there, right? Just put it back in, then apply solder to the bottom of the circut board where the contact points are, and melt the new solder on there so the new jack sticks firmly in place?

I realize there is a ton of different types of input jacks out there, so I need to make sure I order the correct piece. I realize that this may not fix the problem, and i may need to take it to a technician, which is fine. I am just trying to tinker with the amp, and see if I can learn something on my own about my equipment.

you'd get better replies in the GB, & C Forum i think
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