I'm looking into buying Traynor amps since I'm in Canada and Long & McQuade (my nearest store) is full of them.
So I'm thinking of buying one of these:

Traynor Custom Valve YCV50BLUE Price: $743.20
Traynor Custom Valve YCV40T Price: $719.20
Traynor Custom Valve YCV40 Price: $679.20

The specs look very identicle to me and but there are some differences between YCV50 and other other two but I couldn't tell if it was good thing or bad thing.

I'm looking for best quality amp out of the 3. I would go with YCV50BLUE except, I'm thinking maybe that $20 (or more) is being paid just for 10+ watt which I don't need because 40 watt should be enough to blow my house away anways.

So let me know what the differences are and which one has the best quality exception of it's price, Thanks in advance!
well i have the traynor 50 and i think thats the best choice. Your not only paying for ten more watts but also for a fair amount of distortion as well

if u have any other specific questions on this one feel free to ask
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Dude the YCV50 is almost a totally different monster then its 40watt brothers. They are all amazing amps. I had a YCV40 a while back and I stepped up to a YVC80 which was more power then I ever needed. I played the YCV50 alot since an old band mate of mine bought it and I loved every single Traynor I ever laid my hands on. The amps are different though. The YCV40 amps are a bit more clean oriented imo. they do get dirty but if you want heavier tones then classic and punk your gonna need an OD to push the amp a bit more. The Blue on the other hand is more of a distortion built amp. It kinda has an almost reminicent Marshall grunge to it but thats just me after all tone is subjective. It doesn't have nearly as much headroom as the 40 but that is the fault of the tubes. Swap them out for something more suitable for you if you do want a more sparkly clean and your set. I love Traynor amps and tbh I want a new one but that is after I am in college unless I have a band going or something. Your choice just depends on what style you want out of the amp.
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