Some lyrics i just came up with, im in an alternative rock band, but wanted to get a rap vibe to it. i have a pretty good acoustic part written for it as well

Life in my Veins

Can you feel his rhythm, visions, taste
Can you feel the irrational, funneled hate
You see a man, who cant take a stand
And you hate him for trying to relate

People cant see in, as he see's out
A mess of opportunities, an acceptance drought
Frustration comsuming, pressure spewing
A young man looming, on what he should be doing

A front is a front, a ticket back on the track
All this idealistic fakeness.. He's not all about that
He lays down his weapons, and finally gives in
But once in the loop, he feels deserted again

Wanna Stay? they say, Does he have a choice?
Outside these walls, he felt his rhythm and voice
So articulate and keen, he makes a choice
turning his back to them, he makes some noise

Headaches, to much pressure, ignorance, distrust
Stress, no love, wasn't enough
You helped me touch a shade of strength, helped me change
Now i can feel and clutch the love for life in my veins x3
I liked it. It was a good idea. It was well thoughtout. There isnt anything I can think of in it that I would change. If you have time, crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=543934
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