I have a Jimmy Vaughn Strat which I believe can be purchased for a bit under 550 and I love it.
Maybe a Washburn X50Pro. I'm not positive but I think they are in your price range. Also check out ESP/LTD, Ibanez, and Schecter
Well what guitar do you? If your guitar is okay then I would get a new amp first but if not I would say get a new guitar, especially if you like your tone.
Really get a new amp. The people here on UG is often very right. I thought the Spider 3 was a good amp but boy was I wrong went to Guitar center and played a Vox Valvetronix. Really though Spiders are really not that great and thats why im tradeing mine in tomarrow.
Get a new amp maybe first but I have a Godin Freeway Classic (No one talks about) that is pretty versatile for any music style. Clean isn't too bad. H-S-H is great. The price is not bad at all for what you get. I got mine off a trade in with an acoustic but it cost around $549 and I got it on a no tax day, I was lucky.
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the amp is for home. i my friends has marshells for when we have gigs im just sick of using their guitars i want my own so whats the best guitar for a kid who plays crossover
The PRS SE is rather boring out of the box. It does everything well but it's tone is sterile and it's just not exciting. But since it is solid mahogany a quick upgrade of the pickups could move worlds.