Well i want to get faster on guitar.I know your all thinking practice with a metronome.I allready do that and i havnt gotten any faster in forever.My current 'speed' is 16th's at 90 BPM.I play scales and chromatics and stuff like that with a metronome but that gets EXTREMLY boring!so what are some other ways to improve your playing speed.My favourite genre of music is thrash metal and to be able to play hradly any solo's in thrash you have to be able to play 16'ths at 180 and above,so i would realy lie to be able to play that fast so can someone please help me!?

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playing 16th's at 180 bpm cleanly is gonna be pretty tough for most guitarists. your best bet is a VERY controlled trem picking or alt picking. typically speed is the byproduct of accuracy, chances are all the people who really know what they're talking about are going to tell you to start slowly and cleanly and after a while you will naturally work yourself up. also as posted in a different thread, make sure you're adequately warming up to get the cleanest quickest sound possible.
^ 1. It can get boring, but stick with it and eventually you should get results. Try branching out into sweep-picking, legato etc.
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i can play it all but the second solo.thats what im talking about.im not talking about downpickinng or anything im talking about soloing and shredding.and by the way ihave no clue why im still only at 90 BPM cuz i can play constant 16'ths tremolo picking at 205.
"It's the preachers,and the teachers.Governments,close minded creatures."

my gears not worth the time it would take to put up here
Try and learn songs that you have no chance of being able to play at full speed. Learn them, and be able to play them slowly, and then try to get it up to speed. Think of the song as a huge collection of good sounding exercises. Try learning some Exodus maybe? And even if its not in your style really, try learning some shred songs, by Yngwie Malmsteen, since his songs are the easiest shred songs out lol
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Well i want to get faster on guitar....

Well, most likely you have fundamental flaws in your picking technique. Part of that
may also be bad tensions. If you're practicing and practicing and never seem to get
where you want to go, you must be doing something wrong, right?

This is pretty much impossible for any of us to diagnose over an internet forum. The
amount of time you practice will get you nowhere if all you practice is bad habits.
You may need to completely take apart how you pick now and totally reassemble it.

The best I can tell you is that picking, even fast, should seem relaxed and effortless
if you're doing it right. If it's not that way for you, you really should take a hard look
at what you're doing and find out as much as you can about good picking technique
and incorporate that into your practicing.