I've been playing 3 and a half years self taught and I use my thumb to mute the lower strings when i'm playing power chords on the A string and up. Is this really bad technique? I can play easily with my thumb behind the fretboard when i'm playing the same stuff or doing more technical shreddy stuff but i find it easier to mute the strings this way. Is it just a matter of what i feel comfortable with? I'm gonna carry on anyway i just wondered
It's preference, I think. I use my pinky on my fretting hand to mute the lower strings. It's good for galloping because you barely have to move it at all.
Haha sorry, I meant the higher strings. On the lower strings, I use the very tips of my index finger.
I use my index finger most of the time to dampen the higher strings i'm not playing and i use either my palm or the side of my thumb from the picking hand to stop the lower pitched strings from making noise. I wouldn't recommend what your doing... but meh.
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