Okay, I'll try to take some pictures later to clarify what I mean, but until then I'll just launch right in.

I have an old Yamaha FG-75. It's a decent sounding guitar, it stays in tune, has some sentimental value. However, I'd like to do a little work on it and give it to a friend who has shown interest in playing. She's strummed around on it a little before, but has had some difficulty. I believe this is due to the fact that the action is way too high. I lowered it a little bit a few weeks back, but it's still much higher than it should be. I'd sand the saddle down further but it's already pretty low.

Is there any way to lower the action further, since sanding the saddle down anymore is not an option? Also, the truss rod is adjusted fine, so that's not causing the problem.