haha the lead singer for fall out boy has one... i hate them
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Hmm doesn't Adrian Smith in Iron Maiden use one? And of course, Tony Iommi uses one as well. But I don't know any newer bands that use them.
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Underoath, The Black Keys, Chiodos... can't think of any more off the top of my head.
Sabbath, and my friend are the only ones of the top of my head lol
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ive seen a video of travis stever using an sg for a favor house atlantic, but he usually uses a les paul
All the god damn emo bands use them now along with ****ing les pauls. It pisses me off.
how bout
pete townshend


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Ben Kweller uses them live.

a bunch of people, silly thread topic
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The Subways. That's the best modern band that I can think of. Oh, Graham Coxon uses them too sometimes.
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^he is a great player
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so many people have played them, not all of them as a main guitar but for at least a year. Robbie Krieger always uses it. Frank Zappa also always used it. Jerry Garcia played it in 69, around that. Bob Weir played in in 73. Im pretty sure Dickie Betts plays it. Clapton played it. John Cippolina always played it. uhhh Pete Townsend, theres more i cant remember any more.
I saw this in guitar world, this doesn't mean i like the bands but-
AFI, The Used, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Tony Iommi used one...

So did Eric Clapton and I think someone from Lynyrd Skynyrd used one.
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