This is probably a bit biased because I've hung out with the guy who makes these once or twice, but these amps are awesome. Definitely my next amp.

It would help if you told is what music, budget.
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want to get a blues(srv, hendrix, allman) and a metal (maiden, priest, megadeth) tone...there is not budget
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i know...that's why i need help finding a new amp

your really not going to find one that does both.

choose your best genre, or get one for blues and get a REALLY, REALLY (did i say really?) nice distortion pedal.
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Metal muff with top boost


a tone bone hot british.

make sure you get a tube pedal.

ps. i have a metal muff, and really, i dont like it.

its a pretty weak distortion pedal.
imo, a handwired amp doesnt make much a difference.

your being to narrow.

if it sounds good to you, buy it.