Hi all,

I know, the title of the thread sounds confusing, so I'll try to sum it up:

I own a tele and I want to put a Newcaster beer label on it (which is nothing more than a circular piece of paper) on a couple of different places on the guitar, including the back. The problem is, I don't want to simply tape it onto the guitar, but you kinda layer/embed it in the guitar. I'm still learning about guitar paint methods, and from what I understand the gist of it is that I need to put a clear coat on it.

But I'm pretty sure that I can't just clear coat the label onto the guitar as is now, and that I need to sand down the current clear coat, affix the label, and then reapply another clearcoat. But I don't know the specifics, such as step by steps, what grade of sandpaper i should be using to apply to the area I want to put the label, and what kinda clear coat I should use. Does anyone have any experience with this that they can help me with. or be able to point me in the direction? Thanks much, everyone!

i was gonna paint my guitar and the body man at my garage told me to wet sand the guitar which would be wet the sand paper (soaking) with 600 to 1200 grit sand paper real fine then sand. you can paint on top of the current paint with out priming and add clear coathe suggested car clear coat cause it is really strong it doesn't chip as easy as normal spray paint clear coat. you can also buy any car or car clear coat in a spray can when you order it from a paint shop well i hope i helped you
that pretty much got the gist of where i was trying to go. thanks!

i just wanted to make sure--i really like the guitar and i would hate to screw it up doing something i didnt put much research into, ya know?
o yeah if your going to change clear coats take all of it off theguitar and reclearcoat it it will just look better