I i'm looking for a new amp now (and if u look at my sig u can see why ). My price range is about $200-300. Maybe up to $350 if it will be worth it. Around 30-50 watts. I mainly play stuff like System of a Down, Metallica, Lostprophets, Disturbed. But i'm also a big jazz guy so the amp has to be versitle. I'm looking for nice cleans but the overdrive doesn't have to be crushing or anything. I'll just use a metal muff when i get one.
I've palyed my friends Vox AD30VT and it seems to be nice. But I want to see what you guys suggest and i'll go try them out the next time i go to guitar center.
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roland cube is a great amp. not only does it have a great sound for metal (rectifier setting), but you can get pretty good cleans out of it too (jc clean setting), and it has a decent classic rock tone (stack classic setting) as well.
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Usually at that price the Roland Cube and the Vox's are the only contenders. Cubes are better for distortion while vox is better for cleans and classic rock. Look on Youtube for some pple that have them so you can hear them.
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RedSox are better than you.
don't know if it would be much use but i bought a 120 watt behringer V-ampire LX122 (i think) digital effects amp for $350 and its awesome. Loud as hell and its got 32 different amp models and 16 digital effects so it could play pretty much anything.