How long do you spend on UG per week?

For me probably about 3-4 hours.
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Per week?

I'm too ashamed to admit it.
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id say between 8 and 10 hours
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8 hours a day during work...yeah!
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WAY TOO LONG. How many of you guys even leave the pit? i never do.
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on the pit, just a few minutes looking at stupid stuff, if there is something really stupid then maybe some hours

on UG itself, reading tabs and stuff its A LOT of time ¬¬
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God, three or four hours a day. I basically get home from school at five and set up shop at the computer until I go to bed.
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i spend at least 3 to 4 hours a day on here...well its decreased ever since i had more work to do for school.
I spend so much time on UG that the only time im having sex is when im getting a blowjob and then im so deep into some random post i dont care. Whats your thought on this... so many questions.
I randomly post anywhere. Maybe like 3 hours a week? I"m not a big computer guy (I just check out anything Football related. GO BEARS).
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172 hours per week.

yes, i know theres only 168 in a week

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Quote by igotabcrich32
172 hours per week.

yes, i know theres only 168 in a week

Lol good one

i'd say since i got my laptop about....35-50 a week........wow....

i never realized that....