Hey guys, I have a Mexican Fender Tele which I got from a friend without a jack cup. It had the ferrule clip already installed. I ordered a cup off of Stewmac -


- and it came, but for some reason, when I put the input jack through the ferrule clip and put the cup over the input jack to screw the cup on, the input jack barely reached the cup, let alone gave me enough room to screw on the nut.

Please help!!! Do Mexican Fender tele's have some special jack cup or something?
you might need to move the ferrule clip up a bit in the opening on the guitar. i know their are notches on mine so you might need to but them back in those proper notches or else it wont work. if that didnt help idk i might not be visualizing this right. cheers
It's to do with the wires, they're pulling it back. I assume you have the control plate (the metal part that holds the switch along with the volume and tone nobs) off already? If not you need it off. Then you should use some needle-nosed pliers to carefully manoeuver the input clip into place so that the threads are out far enough. If it's still not working you may have to sand...