Probably no one has ever heard of this tune. It was written over 30 years ago by Paul Pann, arranged by Mario Abril, then it just went into obscurity.

It one of the most unique and emotional blues around. Give it a listen. You won't be sorry.

I present "Another Lonely Day":


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I've been a fan of yours for quite a while now, you always manage (and then some) to deliver and convey 100% emotion with your pieces, whether they're covers or originals. I'm sure you've had this question before, but what is your recording setup?
Wow, I've looked everywhere trying to find my dads old mix tape with this song on it. Great palying, lots of emotion and lots of dedication (as i can hear). I'd love to know what your recording setup is.. Great ass cover dude. If i was a female teacher, I'd rape you.