K so I was thinking...I play on my cousins Squire strat that he got one christmas and never used. It sat in my uncles house for probably 3 years without being touched. When I started playing guitar 3 months ago it was given to me. Point is, ive been dying for a new guitar, because the guitar never really looked good to me, imo the pickups arent very good and the strings are kinda messed up.

So I was thinking, rather than buy a new guitar, would it be better to just buy new strings, fretboard cleaner, and a new pickup (probably a Seymor Duncan single coil and smack it on the bridge)? With this upgrade I would keep using the guitar for at least another year, it would sound better and only cost be about 100 dollars, rather than buy a 300 dollar agile guitar or a cheap Les Paul type. Furthermore, I could always just remove the pickup and put it on another guitar when I choose to buy one.
well what kind of amp do you have because a good amp can make the shittiest of guitar sound better.
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yeah seriousy get it tuned up like see if the neck needs to be adjusted change the strings if it had been sitting for 3 years get new strings make sure it is in spec and see how it goes and like the other guy said what kind of amp cause i ahd a ad ne and my guitar use to be no fun to play till i got a new one
You can always buy a seymour duncan humbucker, and put it in with some simple hacking of the pickguard, thats what my friend did to his Fender Strat.
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The best thing you could do is get the guitar setup and then start saving for an amp.
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Dude, why didn't you change the strings when you got it? Why are you even asking us if you should change the strings? Isn't it obvious?

By some new strings and drop that pickup in. My friend did the same thing and it sounds sick now.
Jeez take it easy on me. How was I supposed to know to change the strings when I had only heard my own strings. Anyways, how could I make space for a humbucker on an s-s-s? Rather how would I cut the pickguard. Anyways my amp is pretty good - it's a decent tube amp that my friends dad (ex-musician) lent me. I was thinking of getting the malmsteen single coil duncans. Has anyone heard anything of these? I like to play chili peppers/metallica/third eye blind/ dave matthews band (essentially).
I use my $80 Squier Strat more than I use my $500 Ibanez and my $300 OLP. I just prefer single coil pickups over humbuckers.

I use it with my Peavey Valveking 112, and it sounds amazing, great for any style except metal. I play anything from SRV, to Hendrix, to Guns N Roses on it.

The only changes I made were that I lowered the action, and I put Ernie Ball Skinny/Heavy (10-52) strings on it. The heavier gauge strings made a HUGE difference. I'm actually gonna sell my Johnson Les Paul copy to buy another Squier Strat.

If you play metal, try a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails p/u in the bridge position.
right I thought a single pickup would be better too. So if I buy a single coil pickup, which one should I get (the malmsteen?) and should I put it on the birdge, middle or neck?
its just my personal opinion that if you've only been playing for three months to keep using it a little while longer. Like people said above, a new amp is definately the best way to go. The majority of your tone will come out of your amp, so depending on if you have a shitty or good amp will make a lot of difference.

A squier is a squier, i wouldnt suggest upgrading it to much, id definartely save money for a nicer guitar.
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