Hey guys. Well tomorrow is the big day for me. I just received a nice check from the tax man. So the Peavey XXX is coming home. Now the question I have is going to be should I go with a Peavey cab or a marshal cab? Those are the only 2 choices I have for my area...

the 1960's cab is pretty decent


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damn no mesa cab option, that would have been a good choice. o well, marshall 1960 cab would be my suggestion.
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Vader or G-Flex are good too.
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Oh a few more items to note...

There is a 10% discount if you buy the XXX head with the XXX cab

And they have both slant and straight... Which one?
Id personally still go for the Marshall, but you should really play both and see which ones you like better. I also go with straight cabs because I think slant cabs look ugly (Just my opinion tho)
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Don't get the XXX cab, it's really not good at all. If those are really your only options, get a Marshall (as long as it's not an MG), but there are some other amazing cabs out there.