On my high E string, no matter which fret I play, including an open note, I get a ringing, shaky noise, and it kills the sustain and smooth sound of the string. I know it's not fret buzz, because I've adjusted it and checked. Any ideas??? Thanks, Jake
maybe your pickups are messed up, i dunno. Fret buzz seems the most likely. Replace the string and see what happens
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Yeah, try checking the nut too and try changing the string.
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1. Higher the action
2. Change String
3. Check bolt in bridge (I dunno what kind of bridge you have)
4. Might be a crap guitar that you have to deal with...
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Well that post was totally helpful.

On another note, check your bridge, trying take your string off and put it back on, see if there is any dirt on your bridge etc, anything that it could be rattling against.
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Sounds like an action problem

Also check your pickups, sometimes if they are to close to the string they pull it down causing fretbuzz and lack of sustain.
I'm gonna try changing the strings first, I was thinking of putting some bigger strings on anyways...