2000 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
Comes with its Gibson Original Hard Shell Case.
Everything is Stock except for the Tuners.
It has some Minor Buckle rash.
There is one small ding on the side of the guitar (next to the input).
Other then that, the guitar is in very good condition.
I am located in California.
Looking to get $1800 or Trades + cash.

smudges are only fingerprints.
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What kind of trades are you interested in?


just wondering if you would ship to the UK? just wondering as I don't have the money to buy at the moment but the price only comes to £935 that guitar over here will retail at £1900-£2000.

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if I were you I wouldn't have told him that...:O
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hey, i have an Ibanez JS1000, a pod xtlive and cash if you're interested. i live in Fountain Valley, CA
Dont Black Beauty's have three humbuckers instead of two?
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Any black Custom is technically a Black Beauty. The sickest black beauty is the 3 pickup with the bigsby trem. nice guitar, If I had a $500 more dollars right now I'd buy it.