Whatre your guitars tuned to right now? Why?

LP-Open Cm (Devin Townsend esque stuff)
Strat copy-Open G (Just trying it out)
Acoustic-D standard (I like lower tuned acoustics)
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Drop C for writing, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage and Disturbed =D
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Les Paul-standard
Squire strat-down 2 steps
samik-drop c
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stratocaster - standard/drop d
ibanez lp copy - half-step/drop db
milestone - wherever since i only got one bass, but usually standard

strats in standard cause i dont wana screw with the trem and i use my pedal's pitch shifter for changing tunign most of the time, and on the bass too

i leave the ibby in half step down to play half step down guns n roses cause i cant use the wah and pitch shift at same time

milestone - my only bass, so i tune it wherever, but sometimes i use the pitch shifter on my rp80 with it too
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Cort - Drop C
Peavey - Standard
Hondo - 1/2 setp lower than CGCFAD (slipknot) but i dont like it. its prolly gunna be going in drop d.
Jackson Kelly: standard
Walden Acoustic: dadgad down 1/2 step. This is the coolest acoustic tuning in my opinion...but who cares what i say
xRASPUTINX and my XXXplorer - Drop B. For writing/practicing/playing. Metal obviously.

LP - Drop A#, the other guitarist in my band plays a 7string Jackson so it's about as high as he can go..

Tele - Standard for chord progressions/rock shit..

and my Cimar thing is in drop D just because I never play it anyway.