hey i was just wonderin how legit a site like musicians friend is. there prices seem to good to be true so im wonderin if its one of these things where u get slaped with a shit load of random charges when you pay. let me know what u think

It's legit.
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i bought a guitar from there and it came fine and was cheap and there werent any extra fees or whatever
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I believe that there's already been a thread about this, but in the interests of helping my fellow human being (you are human aren't you?) I'll say that they're very good to buy from and they tend not to **** you.
I bought my Schecter Damien from there last year. No extra fee's or anything. I just had to wait almost 3 months because they were back ordered.
I get all my strings, and cables and whatnot from them and the only extra fee I've ever had to pay is shipping.
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they are pretty good, there prices are so cheap because they buy in bulk so they get discounts
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Musicians friend is awesome. i bought a lot of stuff from them and good results always.
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I've ordered from them many times with no complaints, it's all legit from what i've dealt with.
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It seems really cheap cuz you are canadian. In reality, their prices are pretty much the same as everyone else in america.
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ya....I thought they ship to Canada? I only thought it was like anything else...more money for the shipping. Isn't it?
My friends dad orderd an acoustic fx thing and they sent him a $2000 mixer. Dumbass sent it back.
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My friends dad orderd an acoustic fx thing and they sent him a $2000 mixer. Dumbass sent it back.

they can ship you the wrong things, and they can take forever if they are backordered. but otherwise, its a pretty good site. zzounds.com and others are good too
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I've gotten knobs and a jacket from MF

I ordered Sperzels on Feb 10th but they were backordered then they extended it. So currently, I'm a little flustered. but overall legit.
ive bought a few items from them including my acoustic guitar. never had a problem. they are one of the most legit music sites on the internet.
yeah theyre one of the top US online music stores. a large chunk of UG buys stuff from them
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Na, man musicians friend is cool. I have been getting all my stuff from them for the past 3 years and have never gotten hidden fees or whatever.
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They are a very good site to buy from. They should tell you if the item is in stock or not..

One other thing I just found out. I ordered an AT-100 Amp, got it in about 5 days, no problem, except there are a few State's where they collect TAX and I live in one which sucks, So if you are going to buy something expensive check other sites to see if they collect tax in you're State..
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I ordered an Acoustic from MF.

Even though it isn't a good idea to buy guitars off the internet, it still was a nice guitar anyway.
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got my bass there.....no probs at all....just wish i wud have got a better one....but thats a noobs stupidity
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the MF distrobution and refurb center is here in Kansas City. I get awesome deals and brand new (in the box) gear every time I buy from them. However, I still go to Guitar Center for cables and accessories because its just easier to have them grab the product from behind the counter instead of getting it from the warehouse.
musicians friend is Just that a musicians friend lol its a awsome site!
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