hey guys. i have been playing guitar for quite a while now (4 years) and i wanted to get and acoustic/electric as i have played only electric so far. So what would be the best one for this prics range? Thanks.
Acoustic electrics are great if you perform but apart from that theyre just added cost.
Allthough if you desperately need something with a cutaway then you will probably have to get soemthing with a pickup.

For guitars without a pickup I suggest:

As for a guitar with a pickup, i would suggest staying with Alvarez or just buying any of the above guitars and getting a soundhole pickup later on if you need one.
Someone else may be able to suggest better guitars with built in pickups.
i would not go for what the guy above me is saying... i say if your into rock, get an ovation, for your price range i would fo with the Tangent Series T35 (about 550$) my little brother has one, its great for the price...or i would save your money and get the 1778T Elite T Series (850$) i have this one and it plays like a much higher priced instrument..... or if not i would say an epi masterbuilt, or something from guild