I've been shopping for new amps lately and i've decided this:
-quiet enough for bedroom playing
-loud enough to play with a drummer
-good cleans

And i have made this list so far:
-Fender Blues Junior
-Fender FM212R
-Crate RFX65

I have and Epi Les Paul Standard and an me-50.

I know someone will say tube is always better, but i want this amp to sound good with my me-50 (which i like and will not be replacing)

Any other suggestions are welcome
And i play blues, classic rock, jazz (think SRV, Page, Hendrix etc.)
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Its pretty much the Blues Jr, if you don't like the it Vox Valvetronix also has good cleans and has a knob on the back so you can change volume output.
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Blues Jr for sure.
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The Blues Jr.

I suggest getting rid of the Multi-Effects unit, mainly because it won't give the better sound. I guess you can keep it. The Blue Jr. would give you the best sound of the ME-50 anyway.
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