How the hell do professional, signed bands like for instance Radiohead get all their member's amps heard so you can distinguish between each instrument? Would getting the same exact amp for each instrument and putting them all at the same volume help?
Are there certain positions in the room to put the amps in? What about the drums? I want my band do sound really good electronically speaking.
Try playing at the same time? My band sets up haphazardly, and we don't have the same quality equipment (although, I'm upgrading before the 21st, ), and we've never had problems? I don't really get your question. Are your drums sounding like your guitars? You should be able to distinguish between them. And if two guitars are playing the same part, you usually want them to blend...
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other than being backed by high dollar recording compaies that can afford expensive recoding studios and high end equpment. it's all just mixing and eq's.

but quality can come at price.
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Its called mixing.

You see, the sounds are recorded to a mixer and then you adjust the volume of each recorded track so it sounds exactly like you need it.
Ohhh...so that's what mixers do. What about live playing? How can my band sound good live?
every instrument is miced live. each individual amp, drum, everything. you prolly cant even hear the sound coming out of the amps from where you are standing at a radiohead concert. all of that goes into a mixer and each individual component can be adjusted for volume, tone, gain, etc.
well you dont have to mic everything in small rooms. You are going to need some way to amplify the vocals though and that usually involves a mixer of some sort. You can always just adjust the volumes of your amps but its not the best way to do it.