I need some good advice on playing along to songs. I know, it should be fairly straightforward, and it is... pick up, and try to play in key to the song you're playing.... but are there any small details I should watch out for? Or any pieces of advice? Anything that I should know when I'm playing along to songs?
make sure you can hear yourself, aka, dont have the song so loud you can't hear yourself. also, make sure your guitar is tuned perfectly. the guitars on records are tuned to perfection, so if you want to sound good playing along, match it. hope that helps, even though its kinda common sense.


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Actually, make sure you can hear the song over your own playing, especially the guitar track your following, its easy to quickly get lost or off track. And try to just play the parts you know in time with the music, if theres some super complex riff in between like 2 simple ones just ignore it and get ready to play the next riff, Trying to play a bar in time to a record when you can hardly get it down while playing unaccompanied is just gonna throw you off your rhythm.
I try to have my guitar just a little bit quieter than the music, so that I can hear both, but my ear is drawn to the actual song. That helped me stay with the song. Also, I tuned right before I played, and listened to the song on the way to school etc. I could know if I was playing it right, instead of hoping.