Can someone recommend me some songs to analize where speed picking is used alot? I want to listen to some examples of how the technique is used in songs. thanks.
if you want straight tremolo picking, check out "parallel universe" by red hot chili peppers, but for other speed picking, "through fire and flames" by dragon force (ya i know its not that great) has alot of fast picking, as well as "and all things will end" and "M.I.A" by avenged sevenfold. its mainly in the solos, but check them out.
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Scarified by Racer X. Lot's of cool picking licks in there.


if youre looking for tremolo picking...i dont know, theres so much of it in metal, check out where dragons dwell by gojira, theres some good trem picking in that

if youre just looking for shred, and fast picking, yeah scarifieds a nice one for that stuff, check out enemies of reality by nevermore, and final product, again, nevermore
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