Im going to see a few movies over spring break which is coming up soon. I know for a fact im going to see dead silent or whatever. but theres other movies coming out and i know i will go more than once. so what else is good? reno 911? pans labyrinth? zodiac? barney?
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300, Reno 911, and Zodiac are all very good. And if you can find a theater that's still showing it, Pan's Labyrinth was phenomenally good.
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pan's (its trippy) and 300 (cause its incredible). if I had to pick 1 more, i'd go with reno cause its looks funny.
300 was pretty good simply for the fighting.
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I went to go see The Number 23 a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that all of the up coming movies are horror with similar plots. They are running out of decent ideas for movies.
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yeah pans labyrinth is still playing at a theater near me... about 2 minutes away. and im going to see the movies with my girlfriend too if that helps narrow down anything. but she likes the same ones as me.

is 300 boring at all?
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Once I got out of a pool and it was like 1cm.

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I think there are few people with a less important opinion on women than you.
The Lives of Others is the best movie I've seen in a long time. And it won the Oscar over Pan's Labyrinth.
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I wouldnt waste money on Reno. I did. It was hilarious in some parts but not hilarious enough to justify the expense of $9.
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I'd see 300. Pan's Labyrinth isn't showing many places any more.

or you could wait a week and a half and see Aqua Teen.

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Zodiac was really good but I dont think it was worth almost 3 hours worth of film. It honestly could have had about an hour and a half taken out of it. But it still scares me now because they 1)Never caught him and 2)Everything happened in California
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See 300 dude, It's awesome in soo many aspects.

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Well I am pleased to see that most people agree on 300.
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Reno 911 funniest movie ive ever seen this year
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