I'm new to guitar and am looking to buy Epiphone Les paul standard. My Question is are they any good. I'm on a budget and the price is right, $450. I've always want a Gibson Les paul and I think this is as close I'll get.
awww if u dun have a guitar, then get one and start on it
but if u do, stick on that till u can get a Gibson man
its my dream too. to have my strat and a GIbson LP.
i really like the plus top Standard LP btw.
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Lp standard is a great guitar, I play the gibson lp studio. but, ive played plenty of epi les pauls. and they're great. i wouldn't play anything else than a les paul. go for it dude!
i was going to get a standard, but I changed my mind. the epiphone les paul elitist is supposedly as good as some gibson guitars, and way cheaper. its more expensive than a standard epiphone lp though, it goes for about $1,100. thats what im saving up for.
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I know a guy who owns a custom Gibson LP (cost $3500'ish). He played my Epiphone LP standard, and said that except for a slight difference in tone (he's really anal about that. has to be perfect to him) and the actual wood it was made out of, it's just as good of a guitar. Until you get to where you're playing at the level of someone who deserves a Gibson, it'll be better than anything else you're going to consider.
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i was going to buy the epiphone lp standard too, then i had enough for it, realized that it didnt take long to get that much. so i went for a custom or elitist. got there and realised it didnt take long to get that much either. i bought a Gibson LP Studio. i played some epiphone standards again when i went back to the store a little while back and ive realized how much better saving up was than just buying the epiphone.
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i have one.
theyre great.
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