what do you do for a gig? concentrate on what you're doing or zone out? i tend to concentrate or i'll screw up
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I space out no matter what I'm doing.

I've done it driving before, and I never remember how I got somewhere.
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haha ive done that ^^ i try not too cuz i feel im gonna crash / need to concentrate on the stick shift....

i feel if i concentrate on what im playing, i start messing it up. i rather feel what im playing that think about it.
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I usually start off concentrating, but after a minute or two I just start to zone out, lose my thoughts, and generally enter a quasi-meditative state. It's quite nice, a lot easier than actual meditating, but just as mentally relaxing.
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yeah, I mentally zone out after a while. I've just started zoning out without doing the concentration part. I just get caught up in the song
I have to concentrate when im playing a really hard solo but if i'm playing something repetetive ill zone out