knicks win title and become 1st team with losing record to win it all.......ok dreams over
1-nash mvp again
2-shaq is over the hill
3-kobe is a cheating crybaby
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
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Dwayne Wade > The rest of the NBA (especially LeBron James).

Miami Heat to repeat.

Shaq is just starting to kick ass again.
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Miami = the pwnzorz

NBA = Giant slave trade organization


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And the Heat still suck.
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*yawn* Ironic that you post this thread just before interesting basketball starts.
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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I got Pan-owned

The Heat are still good. PaintItBlack you sound like Detroit fan....
NBA sucks as the players are overpayed. Still....GO CLIPPERS!!! True they've sucked many a year but one day they shall succeed.
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It's Dwyane Wade , not Dwayne.

Don't watch the NBA myself, a bit difficult when I live in England . Though I do play basketball a fair bit.
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3-kobe is a cheating crybaby

Why, because he elbowed a guy? Boo-freaking-hoo. People get hit all the time in basketball. Kyle Korver got elbowed by Kobe and said, "it is just part of the game," rather than, "OMGZ, Kobe is teh che4tzorz!" Get over it, what Kobe did was a basketball move, it was just unfortunate that someone got hit in the face. Was it worth a one game suspension? I believe so, just because it is the second time he hit someone in the face this year, not because it is an illegal move.

And Tracy McGrady should at least be mentioned for the MVP. The Rockets are the 4th best team in the West, and it is all because of Tracy McGrady, he carries that team.
I'm to believe there have been many NBA basketball threads in the past despite you calling this the ONLY one.

But on topic, I believe the Clippers will be one of the top teams from the present to the future just because some of the top drafts have finally not been traded for money. They can actually have a foundation to build on instead of trading away their top drafts for mediocre players.

On the Kobe move...have you honestly seen any old videos from the 80's and 90's, those hits were brutal compared to his elbow, which was legitimate. Kind of like the duke player that everyone made a big deal of, when you watch the video closely his arm follows through to swat the ball but came across and his elbow smacked the other player across the face. There's actually a thing called personal space in basketball. If one play comes across the playing field, any movements so therin are justifiable in the situation unless a straight elbow to the face with no real b-ball movement.

That's my spiel for now, hope ya all enjoyed.
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I got Pan-owned

The Heat are still good. PaintItBlack you sound like Detroit fan....

I'm not a Detroit fan either!

I hate them too!
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